#TIL: Did You Know? 7 Cool Facts About The Humble White Cane

Image description: Two women and two men crossing a street with a white cane in their hand.
Image description: Folding white cane. The cane is predominantly white with red colour towards the bottom and a black handle. It is in a partially folded state.
Image description: Aperson holding a red and white cane. The cane has multiple broad stripes of red and white colour.
Image description: A person holding a white cane extended in front of him/her. The cane is fully white in colour.
Image description: A person with a computing device fixed near his pocket which is connected to a 3D imaging sensor mounted on the retractable (folding) white cane. The person is also wearing a Bluetooth headset on his right ear which is connected to the computer. This setup is powered by a Li-ion battery which is also attached to the cane, right under the 3D sensor.
Image description: a grid of emoji of persons with different disability, along with emoji for guide dogs and a mechanical arm and leg.



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