#In-Depth Guest Blog | The Need to Explore the Finances of Platform Workers

  • How volatile are their incomes and how frequent is this volatility?
  • How do they manage their finances during periods of surplus and distress
  • Whether they see platform work as their main source of livelihood or as an additional gig they do for extra earnings?
  • Whether platform work itself is their aspirational work or just a stepping stone towards other aspirational work?
  • What are their medium-to-long term financial goals and what kinds of vulnerabilities are inhibiting them from achieving these goals?
  • What kind of financial instruments and safety nets exist, and what suitable additions to these can help them reach their goals by overcoming their vulnerabilities?
  • Whether and how answers to the above questions vary with male and female platform workers, with those working in different segments of the platform economy, and with those in different stages of their household lifecycle?
  • What are the implications of the broader labour market structures on their work and finances?



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