By Aishwarya Agarwal

In 2019, a video went viral on social media where drivers were stunned by a pop-up crossing in Quebec. The advertisement involved the pedestrians arriving at the crossing to cross the road while the speeding vehicles approached the stop sign. The yellow lines physically flipped up, forcing…

By Yash Narain

San Francisco Ferry Building and streetcar
Source: San Francisco Travel Association

Transport electrification and firefighting do not seem to have much in common, right? Yet San Francisco’s Fire Department has had to cope with an unintended consequence of electrification. Unlike most fire departments in the US which switched to lighter, cheaper, and easier to maintain aluminium ladders eons…

By Nandini Derasari

Electric school bus operated by Ocean View School District in Oxnard, California. Source: School Transport News

Isn’t it interesting that electrifying buses not only helps reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions but also helps in earning money? The initiative taken by the California state government in the US to mitigate GHG emissions is a new way to encourage schools to electrify their buses.


By Roshan Toshniwal

Charles Kettering (centre) installing his electric starter in an early Buick Automobile. Photo courtesy Automobile Hall of Fame

The Internal combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles were extremely noisy and required manual effort to change gears and start the vehicles. Additionally, the vehicle could either get a bump start (pushing the vehicle down a slope) or hand-cranked making it inconvenient and dangerous. …

By Anish Michael

Credit: Chris Jackson (Getty Images)

Imagine a weekend getaway to a picturesque valley sipping our favourite wine, sitting on the boot of our car and watching the sun set into the abyss. But what if the wine also fuelled us to our favourite spot. Well, here is something to keep our spirits…

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