By Nandini Derasari

Electric school bus operated by Ocean View School District in Oxnard, California. Source:

Isn’t it interesting that electrifying buses not only helps reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions but also helps in earning money? The initiative taken by the California state government in the US to mitigate GHG emissions is a new way to encourage schools to electrify their buses.


By Roshan Toshniwal

Charles Kettering (centre) installing his electric starter in an early Buick Automobile. Photo courtesy

The Internal combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles were extremely noisy and required manual effort to change gears and start the vehicles. Additionally, the vehicle could either get a bump start (pushing the vehicle down a slope) or hand-cranked making it inconvenient and dangerous. …

By Aishwarya Agarwal

Tactile paving at the edge of the footpath signaling the cane-user to stop

Crossing the road, easily negotiating stairs, stopping when encountering an unexpected kerb; are easy to tackle for a non-disabled pedestrian. But, ever wondered how people with visual disabilities travel independently? …

By Shilpi Samantray

Source: Google Images

Even though technology has grown beyond our wildest imaginations in the last 50 years, the one place where science has fallen short of people’s expectations is on flying cars. They have been a part of sci-fi movies since the late 20th century but we are yet to…

By Snehil Singh

The 1920s was an era of the economic boom that made it possible for many people to finally own a car. …

By Yash Narain

The pack of runners during Eliud Kipchoge’s epic sub-2 hour marathon run. Kipchoge is in the middle wearing white.

In 2019, champion marathoner Eliud Kipchoge broke the mythical two hour time barrier in long-distance running- covering 26.2 miles in 1:59:40. This is one of the greatest sporting feats in history.

Kipchoge’s attempt was denied world record status for it was not an open competition and was…

By Sayani Mandal

With his famous essay, attacks the psychological drivers behind our decisions — imagine a fundraiser towards a medical procedure for a six-year old in a remote village to prolong her life by five years. Everyone swamps them with nickels and dimes to save her life…

By Apoorv Kulkarni

Alt text: A black Ford car developed by Virginia Tech University. A blind man with a white cane is standing next to it, and a photographer is taking pictures of the car. National Association of the Blind is written in yellow on the car bonnet. The front door displays information for making donations to support the Blind Driver Challenge.

Driving is predominantly a ,. Therefore, many believe that people living with blindness or low-vision may not be able to independently operate a vehicle… Well at least not until self-driving cars become commercially available. However, in 2004, the National Federation of the Blind

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